हालको समाचार

Orientation to Resource Person on Minimum Service Standard

12 Jun, 2019

Realization to improve the curative services in rural hospitals with focus on hospital management lead to envision Minimum Service Standard (MSS) for hospitals. Currently, MSS has been rolled out successfully nationwide in 83 district and district level hospitals beginning from 2014 in partnership with Nick Simons Institute. MSS for hospitals is the readiness and availability tool for optimal requirement of hospitals to provide minimum services that are expected from them. It is a Checklist to Identify the Gaps in Quality Improvement of District Hospitals.  MSS was evident to contribute in quality of services provided by hospitals with instances of improved 1. Governance management, 2. Clinical services and 3. Support services. This encouraged MoHP to put on its efforts on minimum service standards for all level of hospitals and Health facilities.

As a part of system strengthening of health structure in federal context, MoHP is developing a pool of resource person in all 7 provinces. MSS Resource person orientation and capacity building program was conducted on 10-11 June 2019, with the aim to assess hospital quality using MSS from provincial level health system. The total of 81 technical persons from all provinces representing Ministry of Social Development, Provincial Health Directorate, Primary Hospitals and Secondary A Hospitals participated the program. Likewise Hon. State Minister Dr Surendra Kumar Yadav/MoHP, Secretary Dr Pushpa Chaudhary/ MoHP , Director General, MoHP /DoHS Dr Guna Raj Lohani also presented in the program.

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