Research is an integral part of the Nick Simons Institute to strengthen its advocacy. NSI conducts original research for two purposes: to inform NSI strategy and to strengthen its advocacy.

The Research Unit (RU) is advised by the Research Committee, and collaborates with multiple collaborators. The RU will carry out operations research, impact evaluation, process evaluation and other studies relevant to meeting NSI’s institutional goals, as continuation of the existing research activities. NSI’s studies follow its organizational vision, which is to improve rural healthcare by focusing on the healthcare worker. Furthermore, the RU plans to expand research themes especially through the involvement of the clinical cadres NSI trains. In addition to research, RU also extensively coordinates with the M&E activities of NSI.

Among the research studies, reviews, and symposia, some have remained as in-country documents, while others were published in peer-reviewed international journals. In the period of 2005-2016, there were 32 publications (Figure 1A), of which 15 (47%) are journal articles and 17 (53%) are publicly available reports. Of the journals, 3 (20%) were published in Nepalese journal(s) and 12 (80%) were published in International Journals. The current research themes are focused on Medical Education, Assistive Technology, HRH-Hospital Managers, HRH- AA, HRH- MDGP, CME, Motivational factors in HRH, Primary Care/Rural Care, and Health Systems Strengthening (Figure 1B).
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