On-going Research

Deployment of Bio Medical Equipment Technician and the utilization of medical devices in the district hospitals of rural Nepal.

19 Mar, 2019

A large number of medical equipment in Nepal's government system is not fully functioning and awaits maintenance. Biomedical Equipment Technicians are severely needed in Nepal to provide the technical help that is necessary for effective medical equipment maintenance.

This study will describe the types of medical equipment existing in rural district hospitals and their working status. Improvement in condition of medical devices can be achieved through deploying BMET, however studies have shown that Biomedical Equipment is out of service due to lack of trained professionals who are able to execute the needed repair or maintenance. Only few districts hospitals have deployed BMETs in rural Nepal. No studies have been conducted to explore the effectiveness of deploying BMETs in the rural context. This study will evaluate if the deployment of BMETs has led to improvement in condition of medical devices in district hospitals.

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