लिखित कथाहरु

A Frightened Experience in My Life

11 Oct, 2014 By: Dr Prakash Pun

It was a last day of Dashain vacation and we heard a news of road traffic accident in nearby VDC colliding motorbike behind the truck and bad news of spot death of motorbike rider and only other victim was brought to higher centre for needful management. We heard that road is completely blocked and locals are protesting with many demand.

It was our busy day in hospital with overcrowded emergency with many patients; busy indoor with many inpatients and five deliveries and one emergency cesarean section for post dated pregnancy with severe oligohydramnios. We did morning and evening hospital rounds clearing emergency, taking deliveries and performing cesarean section.

In the evening the phone ranged, it was an unknown number. It was a call from Chief District Officer (CDO) saying that the situation of the Road Traffic Accident site is going out of control. The all demands of protestant were fulfilled by mutual understanding between two parties except their high demand of Postmortem examination should be done beside accident site. The protester blocked the road and damaged the government vehicle completely and Police had to use force to control crowed. The only demand left was about postmortem examination. There was a very tense situation for a whole day regarding this demand.

We consulted with Dr Suresh Nepal (District Health Officer) and other High Local Government authorities and they requested us to go accident site because no one had other options to solve the problems created by local public.

It was a very awkward situation for us but I and Dr Ramesh Paudel decided to go. The Police vehicle was arranged with full escort. On the way, we were very frightened and praying for good control of situation before us. We were amazed when we reached there, the situation was in control because the protesting crowed heard that the doctors are on the way and their all demand is fulfilled and they stopped all protesting. After reaching there, we performed Postmortem examination in nearby Health Post and returned back without any difficulties.

Later this work was appreciated because road was opened and situation was in control completely. We felt that our effort brought a solution to a tense situation because the public, who were blocked on the road for a whole day, were able to reach their destination safely and in time. The police force and local authorities who were in tense situation whole day controlling the crowed got rest and there was a mutual understanding between two parties who had a very bad news and got solution.

I think if we help others, then we can expect help from others too. I would like to thank to all who had concern regarding our safety and helped us.

Dr Prakash Pun
Tamghas Hospital, Gulmi
Date: 2071/6/25

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