Need Assessment of Midwifery Education Report Dissemination Program


A half day meeting on "Need Assessment of Midwifery Education Report Dissemination Program" was conducted by NSI on 8 November 2021 in collaboration with Nursing and Social Security Division, Department of Health Services. The meeting was conducted under the guardianship of Dr. Dipendra Raman Singh, Director General of Department of Health Services and chaired by Ms. Goma Niraula Shrestha, Director of Nursing and Social Security Division.

The main objectives of the dissemination program was:

- to share findings of the Need Assessment Report of Midwifery Education Program conducted in five referral hospitals and
  existing nursing schools (either government or CTEVT affiliated) attached to these hospitals.
- to explore the ways of possibilities of starting Midwifery Education Program in thse hospitals/nursing shcools in near

It was identified from the meeting that further discussions, more collaboration among the stakeholders, councils and hospitals where Midwifery Education program has implemented is required.