NSI began its operation in 2006 by providing training to government healthcare workers. It continues to facilitate training programs to government healthcare cadres with the aim to fulfill the relevant gaps. The training program focuses on clinical services to equip government healthcare workers enhancing their knowledge and skill.

Two principles guide NSI’s training program:

  • Select those cadres most likely to have impact in the government’s rural healthcare system.

  • Partner with Nepal’s hospitals to provide quality training.

Strategic Cadre

Choosing the right people for training.

NSI works closely with Nepal’s Ministry of Health to fill gaps in the essential healthcare team. 

Anesthesia Assistant Basic anesthesia for emergency operations Nurses
Diploma in Bio-medical Equipment Engineering Equipment management, preventive maintenance and repair +2 Science
Mid Level Practicum Clinical skills for general care Paramedics
Operation Theatre Techniques and Management Management of Operation Theatre Nurses
Advance Skilled Birth Attendant Management of obstetric emergencies with additional SBA skills more focusing on surgical skills and blood transfusion. Medical Officer
Skilled Birth Attendant Normal pregnancies, childbirth and complicated deliveries Nurses and ANMs


Training through a diverse network.

Quality healthcare training requires clinical experience in an apprenticeship modality. NSI works through a network of larger hospitals: mission, NGO, and government, mostly located outside of Kathmandu.


MoHP/Provincial Government AA BMET ASBA MLP SBA OTTM PEC ECCT Midwifery
Nursing and Social Security Division                
National Health Training Center  
Provincial Health Training Center      
AMDA Hospital, Damak        
Mechi Pradeshik Hospital              
Okhaldhunga Hospital                
Siraha Pradeshik Hospital                
Maternity Hospital              
National Academy of Medical Sciences, Bir Hospital              
Model Hospital, Phect Nepal                
Bhaktapur Hospital                
Bharatpur Hospital      
Lamjung Community Hospital              
Pokhara Academy of Health Science (PAHS)              
Dhaulagiri Pradeshik Hospital                
Tansen Mission Hospital            
Lumbini Hospital              
Bheri Hospital                
Surkhet Province Hospital            
Sudur Paschim                  
Seti Provincial Hospital            
Bayalpata Hospital, Accham                
Mahakali Pradeshik Hospital                


Training Graduates

From 2006 to 2022-23, working through a network of training partners under the direction of the National Health Training Center, NSI facilitated training of 8864 healthcare workers since 2006.

TOTAL FY 2022-23
Anesthesia AAC 169 -
AAU 22 -
SAFE Course 120 23
Biomedical Equipment Technician DBEE 157 20
BMET 153 -
BMEAT 261 -
Lab Technician 109 10
Cold Chain Technician 62 -
 X-ray Technician 120 11
Refresher (BMET) 10 -
Clinical Training Skills   173 53
Emergency Critical Care Training   559 123
Hemodialysis Equipment Maintenance Training   12 12
Mid-level Practicum   2889 156
Non-communicable Diseases (Cardio)   21 21
Operation Theatre Techniques and Management   338 45
Orthopedic Exposure Training   8 8
Primary Emergency Care   307 132
Skilled Birth Attendant 60 days for SN 3163 177
Advance Skilled Birth Attendant 70 days for MO
179 34
Ultrasound (for doctors)   52 -
Total   8864 825