Our organization works with a mission to innovate solutions in rural healthcare through training and hospital support, and to advocate for healthcare workers with the government of Nepal database.

Nick Simons Institute (NSI)

The Nick Simons Institute is a non-governmental philanthropic organization whose aim is to enhance the rural healthcare services. Initially it was registered as a Private Limited Company. On 17 August 2015, it was registered with the Lalitpur District Administration Office and has now been operating as an NGO. Since its establishment in 2006 NSI has been working with the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) in strengthening the rural healthcare services.


People in rural Nepal receiving quality health services within their own communities.


On the healthcare worker, who is central providing effective healthcare. There is no substitute.


Fresh, creative solutions to tackle the problems of rural healthcare.


With like-minded institutions to produce quality healthcare training and support workers in the field.

Scale Up

Through collaboration with the Government of Nepal - to broaden the impact.

NSI at a Glance

NSI's Rural Hospital Strengthening Project is designed to strengthen the curative services of health institutions in a rural setting based on past experiences through a partnership modality. The project focuses mainly on four areas:


NSI began its operation in 2006 by providing training to government healthcare workers. It continues to facilitate training programs to government healthcare cadres with the aim to fulfill relevant gaps. The training program focuses on clinical services to equip government healthcare workers enhancing their knowledge and skill.


Curative Service Support Program

The CSSP is the continuation of the Rural Staff Support Program (RSSP) which was piloted in 2007 in 3 rural government hospitals of Nepal. This program supports the necessary human resources, medical equipment, and living support to the clinical team for those hospitals. The program has been implemented in 44 hospitals.


Hospital Strengthening Program

Hospital Strengthening Program (HSP) is a continuation of Hospital Management Strengthening Program (HMSP), which has been implemented in government hospitals since 2015 to ensure readiness towards the quality improvement of hospital services through self and joint assessment using ‘Minimum Service Standards (MSS)’ tool. In addition to hospital strengthening grant by MoHP, NSI is providing grant to fill gaps not covered by the MoHP/ MoSD grant.


Research, Advocacy and Monitoring

Research, Advocacy and Monitoring (RAM) are integral parts of Nick Simons Institute which are the foundations for strengthening the programs and advocacy work. RAM carries out operational and formative research pertaining to continuous improvement of NSI programs.