Other Publications

NSI also publishes other materials occasionally for various reasons, including social marketing and advocacy.

2024-07-12 12:02:15

A Study on the Utilization and Effectiveness of PEC Training in Nepal

2023-12-07 11:31:14

NSI Brochure (December 2023)

2023-05-31 10:41:19

BMEAT Survey Report 2023

2022-10-24 06:28:02

NSI Brochure (October 2022)

2022-07-22 00:34:39

A review of NSI associated hospitals’ service utilization during the COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal

2022-07-22 00:36:09

Tracking of Working Status and Experiences of BMET Graduates in Nepal

2022-07-22 00:36:46

Effectiveness of Task Shifting in Non-Doctor Anesthesia Provider

2022-08-02 02:47:37

Assessing the Quality of SBAs in Rural Nepal

2022-08-02 02:48:21

How Effective is the FEP in Retaining Clinical Knowledge and Skills of SBA

2022-08-02 02:49:10

Surgery in Nepal's Remote Districts

2022-08-02 02:49:47

Nepal Government MBBS Scholarship Program A Study of the Process and Implementation

2022-08-02 02:50:29

How effective is the recruitment of temporary contract nurses in improving service provision and nurse retention in rural Nepal

2022-08-02 02:51:29

Skilled Birth Attendant Follow-up Enhancement Program (2011-13)

2022-08-02 02:52:01

Anesthesia Assistant Follow-up 2012

2022-08-02 02:52:31

Skilled Birth Attendant FEP (April 2011)

2022-08-02 02:53:08

A Report of the Biomedical Equipment Assistant Technician (BMEAT) FEP (May 2010)

2022-08-02 02:54:05

MLP FEP Dolakha Dissemination Report

2022-08-02 02:57:42

MLP FEP Bajhang Dissemination Report

2022-08-02 02:58:15

Use of Clinical Algorithms for Continuing Medical Education in Nepal

2022-08-02 02:58:42

Measuring the Quality of Rural Based Government Mid Level Health Care Workers

2022-08-02 02:59:11

Deployment of Health Care Workers in Government District Hospitals in Nepal

2022-08-02 02:59:48

A Focused Study of CTEVT Mid-Level Pre-service Health Training Program's in Nepal

2022-08-02 03:00:24

Nepal General Practitioners - Where are they and What are they doing

2022-08-02 03:00:56

Building up GP for Nepal An International Symposium

2022-08-02 03:01:25

Tackling Shortages of Health Care Workers in Rural Nepal “Train to Retain”